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Medication Adherence Rating Scale (MARS)
Using the MARS tool, you and your patient can determine willingness and ability to take oral medication every day.
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1. You always remember to take your medicines.
2. You take your medicines on the prescribed time each day.
3. You follow your Doctor’s advice on “how to take your medicine” i.e. empty stomach, before or after food, with diet restrictions, and lifestyle changes like exercise or cessation of smoking and/or drinking.
4. When diagnosed with a particular illness, you complete your course of therapy even after the symptoms have subsided.
5. Sometimes you feel better after taking medicines for few days, but you still complete your course of treatment.
6. Sometimes you feel worse after taking the medicine, but you still complete your course of therapy.
7. You never make changes in your treatment schedule on your own accord.
8. Sometimes when you miss/skip a dose of your medication, you never take a double dose.
9. You always communicate with your Physician and get complete clarity about the course of treatment prescribed to you.
10. You understand that adhering to your course of treatment will yield positive health benefits.